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For your payments, we accept credit cards via our PayPal account but it does charge a 3% handling fee for processing.  So, you can save money if you pay with cash or valid personal check. If a personal check bounces, you will be responsible for bank fees, and you will no longer eligible to pay with check. Please remember that pregnancy and birth packages are due in full by 36 weeks of pregnancy. Or simply send money via PayPal to "Your Friend.

To eliminate the processing fee, use the "Send Money to a Friend" option from your PayPal account. Send to your friend: MidwifeLove@gmail.com ...

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How much will my care cost?

Our fee is only $6,000. Your insurance may cover part or all of that fee (see below).

In comparison, vaginal hospital birth can cost between $18,000 and $20,000 and c-sections cost between $30,00 and $50,000. Local c-section rates are between 30%-40% while Midwife Love's rate continues to be around 5%.

Typical OB practices run like a factory, with long wait times and short appointments; they make their income by seeing as many patients as possible. We make our income by providing quality, concierge-style service and limiting the number of clients we take per month so we can provide the best service possible! Your birth and baby are worth it!

Do you accept Medicaid?

Due to the recent Medicaid HMO changes, we cannot accept Medicaid and stay open. However, we do offer a sliding scale discount for those who currently have Medicaid. This discount is based on income. If you’d like to know how much you’d qualify for, let us know your household income and we can calculate it. Most clients with Medicaid pay $2500. We truly believe all women deserve a great birth, and all midwives deserve to eat.  : )

Does Insurance Cover Home Birth?

Yes. FL law mandates that home birth be covered by insurance companies. (See Florida Statute Number 627.6574) Whether or not the insurance company decides to pay for services at in network or out of network rates is strictly up to each individual plan. While we are not in network with any specific insurance companies, we do accept insurance and use an experienced billing company to file claims. We will advise you on obtaining a gap exception, which allows your care to billed at in-network rates. If a gap exception is denied, your care will be billed as out of network. How much is a great birth worth to you?

What are the fees for gyn (non-pregnant) visits?

Brand new client, gyn visit-$200. Established client gyn annual visit-$150. Every problem visit after the annual visit-$50. If you have insurance, you can call your plan and ask what the coverage is for an out-of-network provider for well-woman gyn care. Most plans have large deductible for OON, so you’d be responsible for the fee. We believe it is worth it for the holistic, gentle gynecology in this concierge style practice.

Payment Question?

You can pay with either a PayPal account or a Credit Card via our PayPal account. Please let us know if something isn't working or if you have a question before making a payment.