How much is a good birth worth?

I know we’re going through some tough times, unemployment, housing crisis, this big recession. When you’re evaluating your birth options and how to pay for them, the question of money does frustrate a lot of people. Back in the day, midwives would work for goats, chickens, or maybe a keg of beer or hunk of cheese. Obviously way before licensing fees, business taxes, and medical malpractice insurance began.

I believe all women deserve a good birth, regardless of their economic status. If you are in dire economic straits, you might be eligible for Medicaid, of which I’m a provider. If you make too much money for Medicaid, but haven’t saved up for your birth, I do payment plans so you can pay in increments. If you want a homebirth but can’t afford it, discuss this with me, and maybe we can work out a work-payment plan for you. Hey, I do need lawn care and babysitters! Seriously, don’t let money stop you from having the gentle, sacred birth you deserve. Blessings to all in this holiday season.

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