Don’t delay to reserve your space!

As the local c-section has risen to 45%, many more moms are turning to home birth to increase their chance for a vaginal birth. Midwife Love has had waiting lists for three months of this year so far. So, if you are interested in home birth, call ASAP to set up a free consult, and then book early to reserve your space. Some women set up their consult when they first start trying to get pregnant. I wish I could take everyone, but to give my clients the best VIP attention, I have to set limits per month.

Some women don’t realize they are free to change providers at any time during their pregnancy. If you’re not getting the care you deserve, or if you’re worried that your doctor may not allow you to have the birth you want, call today and set up a consult. I’ve taken clients 1 week past their due date when their doctor threatened induction or c-section. Blessings to all you pregnant mommas and new families. Let’s make this world a better place, one peaceful birth at a time.

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