“Big” Babies

I attended a birth last week that was quick and smooth as many homebirths are. She had about 3 hours of active labor and 20 minutes of gentle pushing. And guess what? Out popped a healthy, big boy weighing in at 9 pounds 8 ounces. A full pound heavier than her first, but this birth was much easier. The biggest baby I’ve seen born at home was 10 pounds and 8 ounces and also was a quick, smooth birth. I think home is the best place to birth big babies, because women are free to move about and find positions that feel right to them. These 2 babies were born from hands and knees in the water and sidelying position on the bed.

I am planning my triennial vacation for summer 2012. My tentative dates are August 27-September 27. So, plan your births and birth control accordingly : ) I believe all midwives do better when they get an extended vacation at least every three years. It allows them to refresh their bodies, minds, and souls, and suffer less burnout.

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