Benefits of Home Birth

Hello everyone! Had a beautiful waterbirth on hands and knees of a 9 pound 2 ounce baby. Didn’t need any stitches or any medications at all. Women have such power within them during birth.

Thought I’d share some of the benefits of homebirth.

1. You and Your Baby are NEVER separated
2. Families can be present and very involved
3. 77% Less chance of a c-section than at the hospital
4. Birth without Drugs: Better for You and Your Baby
5. Avoidance of germs found in hospitals
6. It’s your home, where you feel comfortable and safe
7. Your birth wishes are respected
8. You can have a Waterbirth
9. Personalized one-on-one care with your midwife
10. Less chance of unnecessary and possibly harmful procedures
11. Breastfeeding support
12. Insurances accepted including Medicaid. Cash price lower than a hospital birth

2 thoughts on “Benefits of Home Birth

  • i was just looking up midwives and homebirths after reading another blogger’s [] post about her son’s water birth at home.

    my daughter was delivered by a CNM in a hospital [prenatal care done by a OBGYN at the same clinic the CNM was from] 8 months ago. my prenatal care was rushed and i didnt really know all my options or everything to ask. at the hospital i saw the CNM, briefly, 4 times [once before the birth, then during my daughters birth, twice before we went home.] i felt preasured to get the epi because i “wouldnt progress” without one…i was so tense from backlabor and no one would just be quiet when i wanted them to be. i literally had to tell a nurse to be quiet 5 times then finally had to tell her to SHUT UP
    anyway, i wish i knew more about homebirths then [and that medicaid actually pays them!] i definitely would have interviewed you as a caregiver while i was pregnant, if i had known about this great world of birthing! im in port saint lucie, not sure if you do homebirths here, but if i have another child in 5 years [when my iud is removed, thats when ill consider another…right now im in the one-and-done mindframe] i think i might utilize your services. 🙂

    i do have a question, though. do you provide regular “physician” services for women? and, if so, do you accept medipass?

  • Good to hear you’re doing your research. In the hospital environment it’s very hard to be able to loosen up and give birth. A lot of people feel like they’re fighting against a whole system that wants to take control of your body and your labor. I do go to Port Saint Lucie for home births. I do take Medicaid. I do provide regular gynecology services for women who aren’t pregnant. Call me for an appointment at 772-766-5683.

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