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2018 Statistics!

Questions you should consider when choosing your prenatal care and birth attendant. If someone doesn’t know their rates, they either do not want to divulge or don’t care about their outcome statistics. These statistics for Midwife Love reflect the 271 births from 2010-2018. Previously Angela attended 544 births in Miami. Total births attended: 816 What is […]

Changes in scheduling

Changes in scheduling

So happy to announce evening hours are now possible courtesy of Midwife Margo Keane! 3-9pm (last appointment at 8pm). Midwife Angela Love will be maintaining daytime hours of 9-3 weekdays. We also offer telehealth appointments for some issues like depression/anxiety, urine infections, birth control renewal. Starting at $50.


vero beach midwife love thanksgiving

As we just celebrated Thanksgiving yesterday, I find myself grateful for so much in my life. Counting my blessings today. I’m thankful for my strong, healthy children, their loving, attentive father, my local family to break bread with today, my army of supporters/babysitters that allow me to continue my calling, my radiant, powerful birthing clients […]