Questions you should consider when choosing your prenatal care and birth attendant. If someone doesn’t know their rates, they either do not want to divulge or don’t care about their outcome statistics. These statistics for Midwife Love reflect the 271 births from 2010-2018. Previously Angela attended 544 births in Miami. Total births attended: 816

What is your c-section rate? What have been the reasons?

My medically indicated c-section rate was only 6% and primary c/sec rate 6%: Reasons: maternal high blood pressure during labor, breech baby, transverse baby, failure to progress and non-reassuring fetal heart tones. Elective c/s rate was <1%. Compare that to local hospitals who report over 35% c/section rates.

How do you feel about episiotomies? When are they needed?

We think they are unnecessary and lead to greater tearing. The episiotomy rate was 1%. We teach our clients perineal massage techniques and pushing methods to help avoid tearing. Natural tearing requires fewer stitches and heals quicker than episiotomies. Moms remaining completely intact, needing not even 1 stitch after birth, our rate is 53%. First time moms: intact rate: 33%. 3rd/4th degree tears: <1%

What is your transfer to the hospital rate? What have been the reasons?

Our pregnancy pre-labor transfer rate was 4%. Our intrapartum (during labor) transfer rate was 11%. Reasons included high blood pressure, failure to progress, requests for epidurals, non-reassuring fetal heart tones, birth, and fever. Our postpartum maternal transfer rate was 2%, reasons included too much blood loss.

What is your VBAC success rate?

We have a 90% VBAC success rate! 79% at home in 2017, transfers for reasons of failure to progress, epidurals, and transverse lie

How many births have you attended? How long have you been in practice? 

Angela: In my 14 years as a midwife, I have caught 816 babies, and attended many more births. I practiced 5 years at a busy birth center in Miami, where we did 30-40 births per month. I have been attending homebirths on the Treasure Coast since 2010.

Margo: I have caught 157 babies since 2013, and attended many more births, both at home and in birth centers.

How do feel about waterbirth?

Laboring in water helps relax muscles, minds, and ease discomforts. It allows for easy and gentle movements which facilitate labor. We recommend water to be available for comfort for all clients. In 2017, 58% of our clients had underwater births, which is a gentle transition for baby, and helps decrease perineal tears in mom.