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    As we just celebrated Thanksgiving yesterday, I find myself grateful for so much in my life. Counting my blessings today. I’m thankful for my strong, healthy children, their loving, attentive father, my local family to break bread with today, my army of supporters/babysitters that allow me to continue my calling, my radiant, powerful birthing clients who teach me new things every day, my friends near and far that show me the essence of the Divine and how to make heaven on earth, my sweet neighbors who surround me with love and security, the breeze, the sun, the ocean, and my strong legs that carried me 5k today. I AM THANKFUL! !!!

    I have recently completed birth 713 of my career. So many babies and mommas!

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    HEADS UP:::I’ve decided I like July vacations. So next year I’m planning to be out of town all of July. If you’d like me at your birth, plan your birth control accordingly….
    Don’t conceive from 9/9-11/9.

    This summer I had a wonderful vacation with my family. We did a road trip up to the mountains of New York (New Paltz), and were able to visit with old friends from NYC. We went on 3 hour hikes, with my baby on my back, biking the old carriage trails, with my 2 girls in a trailer behind me, and just enjoyed the cooler mountain air.

    Then we traveled to Key West and got to spend some time on my sister’s sailboat, snorkeling, paddle boarding, and observing the marine life. I felt renewed and restored and ready to go for another year.

  • May12

    Midwife Love’s Informed Disclosure

    Questions you should consider when choosing your prenatal care and birth attendant. If someone doesn’t know their rates, they either do not want to divulge or don’t care about their outcome statistics. These statistics for Midwife Love reflect her 120 births from 2010-2014.  Previously she attended 544 births in Miami. Total births attended: 664

    • What is your c-section rate? What have been the reasons?

    My medically indicated c-section rate was only 8% and primary c/sec rate 7%, Reasons: maternal high blood pressure during labor, breech baby, transverse baby, failure to progress and non-reassuring fetal heart tones. My elective c/s rate was <1% or 1 client. At 42.5 weeks she chose a c/section and refused induction. Compare that to local hospitals who report close to 40% c/section rates.

    • How do you feel about episiotomies? When are they needed?

    I think they are unnecessary and lead to greater tearing. My episiotomy rate was 0%. I teach my clients perineal massage techniques and pushing methods to help avoid tearing. Natural tearing requires fewer stitches and heals quicker than episiotomies. Moms remaining completely intact, needing not even 1 stitch after birth, my rate is 49%.First time moms: intact rate: 38%.

    • How long should my pregnancy continue? When do you usually induce?

    Your baby and body will decide how long your pregnancy goes. Most first time moms go 7-10 days past their due date. At 2 weeks post due date, we can discuss natural labor induction techniques you can do for yourself, but it is your choice whether to use them. I can continue taking care of you for as long as you need.

    • What is the normal postpartum visit schedule? Do you include the PKU test

    I like to do a home visit around day 2 postpartum and offer you the PKU test for your baby then. I then see you and offer lactation support back in my office, 3 weeks, and 6 week and additionally if necessary.

    • Are labs drawn on premises or do I go elsewhere?

    Labs are drawn by me in my office for your convenience.

    • What is your transfer to the hospital rate? What have been the reasons?

    My pregnancy pre-labor transfer rate was 5%.My intrapartum (during labor) transfer rate was 11%.  Reasons included high blood pressure, failure to progress, 1 request for an epidural, non-reassuring fetal heart tones, and 2 breeches, 1 in which I arranged a referral to a doctor colleague of mine who does vaginal breech births. My postpartum maternal transfer rate was 3%, reasons included too much blood loss. Newborn transfer rate was <1%.

    • How many births have you attended? How long have you been in practice? In what environments have you practiced?

    In my 10 years as a midwife I have caught 664 babies, and attended many more births. In my 5 prior years as a nurse, I attended thousands of hospital births, and caught a couple of babies that came quicker than the docs. I worked at several large hospitals, including Jackson MemoriaI, a tertiary hospital with a lot of high risk patients, including an ICU for pregnant women. I practiced 5 years at a busy birth center in Miami, where we did 30-40 births a month. I have been attending home births on the Treasure Coast since 2010.

    • If I need a prescription drug during my pregnancy or birth, or birth control later, do you provide that?

    Yes. Nurse practitioners can prescribe medications. I do not offer epidurals or narcotics during labor. I have extensive training in contraception, IUD insertion, and gynecology when needed for your annual gyn exams & Paps for years to come.

    • How do you feel about waterbirth?

    Laboring in water helps relax muscles, minds, and ease discomforts. It allows for easy and gentle movements which facilitate labor. I recommend water to be available for comfort for all my clients. 73% of my clients have birthed in the water, which is a gentle transition for baby, and helps decrease perineal tears in mom.

    • What is your VBAC success rate? 88% have had a VBAC,76% at home, reasons for transfer included failure to progress, 1 request for an epidural, 1 baby with transverse lie and had a repeat c/s.
  • Oct28

    Angela Love speaking on homebirth

    Check out this new series of childbirth education videos. A great way to get ready for birth for busy couples.

    For More Info:

  • Oct28

    Planning my maternity leave. Having baby #2 in July, so will be taking off all of July and August from births.

    Hugs to all my beloved clients.

    Just attended birth #99 on the Treasure Coast. Happily awaiting #100 due for November. Let’s see what their prize should be….

  • Dec17

    I have been doing a lot of reading and thinking lately about the “sacred hour after birth”. I have had the privilege of seeing a baby born quietly, maybe with a final groan from momma bear. Momma catching her breath after doing some powerful work during labor, and baby slowly opening eyes to peek at this new world. I try to remain silent, observing this beautiful, instinctual dance of discovery between momma, baby, & poppa. Most of us lead hurried lives, full of technology, screens, beeps, chatter. These first moments with your baby are powerful and timeless. They should be respected, and not interrupted for routine procedures. The umbilical cord is still pumping oxygen rich blood to the baby, full of magical stem cells, iron, and minerals. Some cords pulsate for 20 minutes. I observe, but don’t do much during this time. The hat can wait….momma still needs to stroke that wet hair. The weight can weight, as can the facebook updates, and the calls to friends and families. This hour is sacred. Keeping baby skin to skin encourages breastfeeding reflexes. Momma instinctively touches baby, lightly stroking fingers, toes, hair. Baby nestles on mommas chest, listening to her familiar heartbeat and feeling her warmth. This is the best place to be.

  • Jul11

    Midwife Celebrated her 50th birth on the Treasure Coast on June 13, 2012 and awarded 50 Free Pap Smears to the lucky mother.
    Baby boy Ryker Vickers was born at home to Sheri Dion and weighed 6 pounds. This also marked Angie Love’s 597 birth in her career.
    Midwife Love relocated this month to 126 43rd Avenue SW, Vero Beach, FL 32968.

  • Mar20

    Come out for the annual reunion of clients and friends of Midwife Love. Lots of babies, pregnant mommas, their families, and Midwife Angela Love, This is a great time to share birth stories, meet new friends, and admire cute babes.

    Date: Saturday, April 21, 2012

    Time: 10:00 AM to 12:00PM

    Place: Charles Park, A Covered Pavilion by the playground

    15th Street and 24th Avenue, (5 blocks from Angie’s house)

    Who: You and your family are invited. Sorry, no pets allowed in the park.

    Potluck: Bring a light dish, dessert, snack or drink. No cooking heat allowed in the park.

    Bring folding chairs or blankets if you want.

    I hope you can make it. It would be wonderful seeing you.                            RSVP to Angie: MidwifeLove@hotmail.com

  • Dec9

    I know we’re going through some tough times, unemployment, housing crisis, this big recession. When you’re evaluating your birth options and how to pay for them, the question of money does frustrate a lot of people. Back in the day, midwives would work for goats, chickens, or maybe a keg of beer or hunk of cheese. Obviously way before licensing fees, business taxes, and medical malpractice insurance began.

    I believe all women deserve a good birth, regardless of their economic status. If you are in dire economic straits, you might be eligible for Medicaid, of which I’m a provider. If you make too much money for Medicaid, but haven’t saved up for your birth, I do payment plans so you can pay in increments. If you want a homebirth but can’t afford it, discuss this with me, and maybe we can work out a work-payment plan for you. Hey, I do need lawn care and babysitters! Seriously, don’t let money stop you from having the gentle, sacred birth you deserve. Blessings to all in this holiday season.

  • Sep19

    I attended a birth last week that was quick and smooth as many homebirths are. She had about 3 hours of active labor and 20 minutes of gentle pushing. And guess what? Out popped a healthy, big boy weighing in at 9 pounds 8 ounces. A full pound heavier than her first, but this birth was much easier. The biggest baby I’ve seen born at home was 10 pounds and 8 ounces and also was a quick, smooth birth. I think home is the best place to birth big babies, because women are free to move about and find positions that feel right to them. These 2 babies were born from hands and knees in the water and sidelying position on the bed.

    I am planning my triennial vacation for summer 2012. My tentative dates are August 27-September 27. So, plan your births and birth control accordingly : ) I believe all midwives do better when they get an extended vacation at least every three years. It allows them to refresh their bodies, minds, and souls, and suffer less burnout.